New Acropolis Toronto

Tibetan Wisdom

Tibetan Mandalas: Journey into the Soul...

with guest speaker Denis Bricnet, Philosopher and Director of New Acropolis Canada

Thursday. July 5 @ 7:30pm
Centre for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Ave. Ground floor
Admission: $25 Regular | $15 Full-time Student with ID

In a world that is more and more dislocated, we feel the need to re-center. The millennial teaching of the mandala, dynamic and centering image, can appease us and help us in our quest for meaning.

According to the history of Creation told in a Buddhist text, at the origins the human being was endowed with a luminous nature - similar to a deity's - but lost it when he started eating "solid food".

The nostalgia and the need to return to the origin inspire numerous spiritual practices. For Buddhism, it will be the return to the "Clear Light" or AdiBuddha. This is done through an ascending path that goes from the body, passes through the winds of speech and goes all the way up until the transparent substance of spirit. This marked-out path is accomplished with the indispensable help of an experienced master and through the imitation of a series of models that express the rainbow-like facets of the Clear Light One.

In order to accomplish this journey, the aspirant will be helped by a figure or a precise geometrical construction, support of his visualisation and image both of the world and of his own body: the mandala.

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