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Socrates: Authenticity and the Path of Happiness


Knowing and Walking the Path

Daring to question ourselves, our truths, expectations and criteria for success as Human Beings. Daring to educate ourselves, to conquer our human dignity and role in nature, to walk on a path of a conscious evolution.

Socrates stresses that the philosopher's goal is a superior kind of knowledge, a knowledge that flowers in wisdom, justice, and a deep caring for the welfare of all the citizens of the state, not an elect few.

For Socrates, the fundamental knowledge is that which obeys the imperative inscribed on the oracle at Delphi: "Know Thyself".

Virtue and reason are in no way contradictory and philosophy is not a mere intellectual speculation, but a way of life. The Delphic oracle described Socrates as "the wisest of men", precisely because he recognised the limitations of human knowledge. His "I only know that I know nothing" is the recognition of those limits.

Man is, then, the object of knowledge, and all that contributes to his happiness arises from an inner fullness and not from the enjoyment of external things.

The Socratic questions tear to pieces acquired knowledge and ignorance disguised as erudition, demonstrating that reason and virtue are not two contradictory concepts, since reasoning is indispensable for discovering the Good, the Beautiful and the Just.

Date: Thursday October 18, 2012.
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: Centre for Social Innovation
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