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Pythagoras: The Philosopher
The Path of Self-Mastery and Justice

Pythagoras is known as a mathematician, but he was first a philosopher, actively seeking to understand the laws of nature in order to live in harmony with them.

To him, mathematics are the common denominator of spirituality, art and science: "Numbers is the law of the universe, evolution is the law of life, and unity is the law of God".

In his school founded in 530 BC, Pythagoras taught how to attain self-mastery and a moral character through learning how to work with emotions and the mind.

"No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself." Pythagoras

In this seminar, we will explore Pythagoras' teachings, including his Golden Verses, discovering how these instructions can help us know and walk the path to self-mastery, hence becoming catalysts of a new and better world.

"The highest of duties is honor of self.
Let Justice be practiced in words as in deeds."
Pythagoras, The Golden Verses

Date: Saturday, April 20 1:00pm
Location: Centre for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Avenue
Between Dundas/Queen
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At the door: $25 regular / $15 full-time student with ID
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