New Acropolis Toronto

Past Event Highlights

  • Seminar & Chat

    Mind and Consciousness

    Bridging Science and Spirituality

    Saturday November 15 at 1:00 pm

    Recent discoveries in science show us that some of the knowledge we take for granted is not as solid as we thought. For example, we don't know yet if the brain produces consciousness or if it is consciousness that uses and shapes the brain? Is consciousness only a human reality or is it also experienced by animals, plants and minerals to varying degrees? Does our consciousness survive after death?

    With Michel Binette and Pierre Lemasson, philosophers and engineers
  • Seminar & Chat

    How to make good decisions?

    Turning anxiety into action…

    Thursday October 16 at 7:30pm

    Every day, we are making decisions… some bigger than others….

    What to wear… What to do… How to react to situations… How to manage our time…
    But also: what to study, what career to pursue… choosing a partner… leaving a relationship… Keeping a job or pursuing a new opportunity… Moving to a new place… Following a passion… Embarking on a path of self-knowledge…. Getting involved in the community….

    How do we make decisions? Are they truly "ours"?

  • Seminar: The Brain and Consciousness:

    Where does consciousness come from?

    Does the brain produce consciousness?
    Or is it the consciousness that uses the brain?

  • Machu Picchu: Geography Mirror of the Universe

    While archaeologists and lovers of ancient civilizations are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the Machu Picchu site by American explorer Hiram Bingham, this ancient site keeps inspiring the whole world with the marvel it represents.
  • Philosophical Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

    with Calligrapher Sui-Yung Tung

    Chinese calligraphy is an art and a discipline that we can apply in all facets of life. Starting from the basics, you will learn how to write in Chinese, appreciate the beauty of calligraphy, discover the wisdom contained in the art, and experience the benefits of practising it.

  • The Power of Imagination
    The Force of Concentration

    Our mind is filled with an unstopping activity.
    Which direction do we give to our thoughts, our ideas?
    What is, then, the force of concentration?
  • Finding a Career That's Right For You

    Simple steps to turn confusion, fear and indecision into clarity, inspiration and action
    This workshop will help you feel more confident about your career direction, clarify your career goals, and set your wheels in motion.
  • Seminar: Pythagoras - The Philosopher

    The Path of Self-Mastery and Justice
    Explore Pythagoras' teachings, including his Golden Verses, discovering how these instructions can help us know and walk the path to self-mastery, hence becoming catalysts of a new and better world.
  • Seminar: What is Your Archetype?

    Which god or goddess inspires your thoughts, your feelings and your actions?
    It is essential to rediscover the profound identity of women and of men through archetypes.

    Hence, both men and women will be able to embrace their respective strengths, values, and aspirations, in order to build harmony.
  • Finding our Vocation

    Beyond Career, a Life Direction

    Thursday February 28, at 7:30pm
    Finding our vocation... A meaningful direction.... A fulfilling purpose... Realizing our human potential ... A life mission that makes a difference in the world.
  • FEAR: An Inevitable Test
    How to face fears and move on anyway?

    Fear workshop
    We all experience fears in the face of challenges or the unknown. No matter how much we try to avoid or escape situations that make us feel uncomfortable, life generously brings us experiences to test us, to help us develop courage, daring and audacity. But how can we activate those powers? Is it possible to truly overcome fear?
  • From Plato to Neo - The Myth of the Cave

    Do you feel like you are living the cave... chained by your own limits or by the expectations of a materialistic society, yet intuiting that something more exists in life? Do you feel at a crossroads, aspiring to change, to be true to yourself, your dreams and aspirations, yet siren-called by a comfortable, status-quo, superficial life?
  • Socrates: Authenticity and the Path of Happiness

    Socrates Seminar
    Daring to question ourselves, our truths, expectations and criteria for success as Human Beings. Daring to educate ourselves, to conquer our human dignity and role in nature, to walk on a path of a conscious evolution.
  • New Acropolis joins Culture Days!

    FREE Philosophical Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
    One evening only!
  • Tibetan Wisdom

    Tibetan Mandalas: Journey into the Soul...
    with guest speaker Denis Bricnet, Philosopher and Director of New Acropolis Canada

    Tibetan Mandalas are representations of the spiritual harmony of the cosmos, the laws of the universe...
  • Tibetan Wisdom

    Destiny, Dharma, Karma - The Path of Evolution
    Is our existence predestined? Are we unravelling a story already written?
    Or are we the artisans of our lives, each day sculpting what could be a master piece?

    Eastern teachings tell us about a direction, a purpose common to humanity and the whole universe.

    Ignoring it leads to confusion, disorientation, and suffering.

    Living in harmony with it keeps us evolving towards wisdom, justice and freedom.

    • What is karma? Is there such a thing as good karma or bad karma?
    • How to free from suffering?
    • How to harmonize thoughts, feelings and actions?
    • How can we find our role in the world?
    These are elements that will be addressed in this seminar.

    There is an article that goes more in-depth on this particular topic. Read more about it here.
  • Socrates: Authenticity and the Path of Happiness

    Socrates Seminar
    Daring to question ourselves, our truths, expectations and criteria for success as Human Beings. Daring to educate ourselves, to conquer our human dignity and role in nature, to walk on a path of a conscious evolution.
  • Vocation and Passion: Finding a career you love

    Vocation and Passion Workshop
    Choosing a fulfilling career direction is an essential ingredient of our happiness. When we love what we do, and do what we love, we live with passion, evolve, grow as an individual, develop expertise, and constantly renew ourselves through creativity.
  • Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice

    A Contribution to International Women's Day
    Keys to understand the feminine and masculine polarities

    Men and women are beautiful expressions of complementary polarities that can build a pleasant and harmonious life.

    The loss of feminine and masculine values puts us in a caricatured situation where we can perceive frustration and disappointment in women, while in men we observe coldness, indifference, and withdrawal...
  • Gandhi: The Power to Change the World

    Mahatma Gandhi, an ordinary man, constantly applied his basic ideals of truth, love and service to transform himself into one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the 20th century...

    An accomplished "Warrior of Spirit", Gandhi, even after his death, has inspired millions of people, including many leaders such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama.
  • Mayan Myths and Wisdom
    The ongoing destiny of the Human Being

    "Let's encounter the ancient Mayan civilization as it was, for we do have enough serious and sound knowledge about this civilization to feel positively amazed by their extraordinary vision of the cosmos and spiritual roots."