New Acropolis Toronto

What is Your Archetype?

Which god or goddess inspires your thoughts, your feelings and your actions?

It is essential to rediscover the profound identity of women and of men through archetypes.

Hence, both men and women will be able to embrace their respective strengths, values, and aspirations, in order to build harmony.

This seminar is dedicated to the understanding of the feminine and masculine polarities, so as to promote a new art of living together.

An activity to free ourselves from misunderstandings and irritants, and to recover our joy and sense of humour!

Date: Thursday March 28, at 7:30pm
Location: Centre for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Avenue
Between Dundas/Queen
Admission: $25 regular / $15 full-time student
Inquiries: Call 416-486-7198 or email