New Acropolis Toronto

Earth Day Tree Planting!

Annually since 1998, New Acropolis Toronto has contributed to planting trees in Canada’s Urban Forest!

On Sunday April 22, for Earth Day, a team of volunteers and friends of New Acropolis Toronto planted many trees once again at Downsview Park in Toronto, as well as seeds of our dreams for a humanity that is more just, compassionate, happy and free.

New Acropolis centres around the world actively engage in environmental works throughout the year, such as community clean-ups, caring for big parks and smaller gardens, and even the cleaning of monuments. Other aspects of our environmental efforts include public awareness education and collaboration with other organizations that promote sustainable development.

In the true spirit of ecology, we respect the “intelligence of our Home,” the Earth. We understand that the human being is not the owner of Nature, but is a part of Nature; as such, we try to harmonize ourselves with the intelligence of Nature. Cultivating our virtues is the fundamental ecological act, as a sustainable future is dependent on human beings with integrity, courage, self-control, justice, and an engaged respect for all realms of life.