New Acropolis Toronto

New Acropolis Toronto

New Acropolis is an international non-profit cultural association that is present in nearly 60 countries worldwide. New Acropolis began in 1957 in Argentina, with the aim to strengthen human values through volunteering, studying and self-transformation. New Acropolis operates independent of all political, religious or financial interests. It encourages local initiatives which promote civic responsibility and voluntary service to the community.

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What's New:

  • 2012 New Acropolis International Yearbook

    The 2012 yearbook is published online! Read about some of the activities we do from around the world!

  • Article: Destiny, Free Will & Karma

    Article of Destiny, Free Will, and Karma
    Lorinda wrote an article inspired by the upcoming Tibetan Wisdom seminar

    Three oft-misunderstood words that hold keys to living with more purpose and intelligence. Destiny offers an answer to the big existential question, “Where am I going?” Destiny is related to our direction in life. Destiny implies destination. To what am I walking? What does my life serve? What is the purpose of my life? Why am I alive? What is our destiny, but the fulfillment of our journey of life? It is the path of evolution... Check it out.
  • Link: Gandhi Seminar Review

    Gandhi Seminar Review
    A great article on the seminar Gandhi - The Power to Change the World in February! Also check out the interview video of Parth by!
  • News: Earth Day Tree Planting!

    Tree Planting
    Annually since 1998, New Acropolis Toronto has contributed to planting trees in Canada’s Urban Forest!